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President’s support weakening: Poll

Washington, Jan. 28 (AFP): Another major opinion poll released today, to coincide with President George W. Bush’s annual state of the nation speech, showed support weakening.

The USA Today-CNN-Gallup poll said only 49 per cent of those polled said Bush’s policies “will move the country in the right direction,” sharply down from 73 per cent a year ago, the numbers showed. Forty-three per cent said policies proposed by Bush would move the country in the wrong direction, up from 19 per cent one year ago. At that time, support for Bush was at an all-time high, with the country united behind the President after the September 11 attacks in 2001.

Bush’s support levels are now close to the all-time low of 57 per cent at the start of his presidency two years ago, the poll said. In the current USA Today-CNN-Gallup poll the approval rating was 60 per cent. The poll also showed that approval of Bush’s foreign policy has dipped to 50 per cent from 59 per cent in November.

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