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‘My government is going to ensure that teachers working in these institutions are not harassed’
Kanti Biswas, state school education minister

Schools slam doors on DA
Months after a Supreme Court ruling allowed governments a larger say in the day-to-day affairs of minority educational institutions availing of state assistance, such schools have already started giving the aid a wide berth....  | Read.. 
It’s the players who matter in theatre of life
The youngest is four years old, the oldest, over 30. They bond together and treat each other as equals, laughing, talking and...  | Read.. 
Father foils teen kidnap
Father courage saved the day for his teenaged girl, on Tuesday afternoon, and scripted a rare chapter of bravery on the stree...  | Read.. 
Shut-off shadow on World Cup eve
With 12 days to go for the first ball to be bowled in the World Cup, a dispute over numbers between broadcaster and multi-sys...  | Read.. 
Bandobast burden too beefy
Govt seeks video conference, court in jail to cut security costs

Rupees 17,000 and plenty of problems — that’s what it’s costing the government to take Aftab Ansari to court every time. Ansa ...  | Read.. 
From Sushmita Sen to Rituparna Sengupta. Calcutta boy Sharad Kapoor has more than a bit of Bengal in him. These days, he is busy in Bangladesh, shooti ...  | Read
Hello, it's Wednesday, January 29, 2003
Road to avoid
Desh pavilion
Music mela
On stage
Hannah and Hanna
Hannah is a teenage girl living in Margate. Hanna...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Oprah Winfrey. You are very organised and confident. Any sort of artistic project will be suc ...Read.. 
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  Parallel centre in power ploy
  Sakti ranjan Sengupta
Minister in U-turn on Great Eastern staff status
Faced with stiff opposition from 500-odd employees, the government changed ...  | Read.. 

April rain check for water tax
Under pressure from the Left Front constituents, chief minister Buddhadeb B...  | Read.. 

Mayor’s storey sop for legal houses
Forced on the backfoot by the popular backlash to his move to legitimise ne...  | Read.. 

Word power for Nippon tech trek
‘Attention IT member exporters and IT students. Golden opportunity to learn...  | Read.. 

Books bind while culture cries
Books that bind, books that battle de-unifying forces, books that combat cu...  | Read.. 

SFI inches into new private colleges
After capturing students’ unions in nearly 74 under-graduate colleges in Ca...  | Read.. 

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