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Blix blows hot & cold on Iraq
Chief UN arms inspector Hans Blix today sharply criticised Iraq for not giving enough evidence on its past weapons of mass destruction programmes but did not corroborate US claims that Baghdad had rebuilt its arsenal. ...  | Read.. 
Rap & laugh at Bard’s expense
Hamlet is performed forwards, backwards and sideways, Titus Andronicus is a cookery show and Othello does the rap, and all Shakespeare’s works are pa ...  | Read.. 
Pak pipelines blown up
Tribesmen blew up natural gas pipelines with rockets in a remote part of Pakistan for the second time in a week, suspending supplies to many parts of the country. The attack ...  | Read.. 
Nepal top cop murder suspect held
In a daring assassination, suspected Maoist rebels shot dead the chief of the Armed Police Force (APF), Krishna Mohan Shrestha, his wife and a bodyguard while they were o ...  | Read.. 
Chief arms inspector Hans Blix at the UN. (Reuters)
Thai massage missive
Piano Man survives crash
Stars swim against tide for offbeat roles
Currently, movie audiences can see Michael Caine as a world-weary Brit and jealous lover, smoki..  | Read.. 
Barbie has to live with party girl
The US Supreme Court rejected today an appeal by Mattel Inc over its lawsuit against MCA Records In..  | Read.. 
Gates’ $200m health fund
Saying that medical science has solved the “easy” problems ...  | Read.. 

Net worm slows down
A two-day-old computer worm that wreaked havoc on the Inter ...  | Read..