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Pak given most dangerous tag

Washington, Jan. 23 (PTI): Pakistan is the “most dangerous” country in the world right now and if the US is “incinerated” any time it will be because of the highly enriched uranium that was supplied to the al Qaida by Islamabad, the New Yorker magazine said quoting noted investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.

In the latest issue of the magazine, Hersh says there is an “awful lot of al Qaida sympathy within Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

“Right now, the most dangerous country in the world is Pakistan. If we’re incinerated next week, it’ll be because of the HEU (highly enriched uranium) that was given to al Qaida by Pakistan,” the article said.

The article, titled: “What the Administration knew about Pakistan and the North Korean nuclear programme”, quoted a top secret CIA document to say that since 1997 Pakistan had been sharing sophisticated technology, warhead design information and weapon-testing data with the Pyongyang regime.

“Pakistan, one of the Bush administration’s important allies in the war against terrorism, was helping North Korea build the bomb,” it said noting that the document’s most politically sensitive information was about Pakistan.

The document, known as National Intelligence Estimate, was classified as top secret, tightly restricted and was for distribution within the government.

Hersh quoted a former Pakistani official telling him that his government’s contacts with North Korea increased dramatically in 1997 when Pakistan’s economy had floundered and there was “no more money” to pay for the North Korean missile support.

Pakistan had started paying for missiles by providing “some of the knowhow and the specifics” in nuclear bomb technology, according to the official.

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