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Cassandra Now

This play is based on Euripides’ The Trojans. It is a three-act, neo-mythological epic contrasting the brutality, barbarism and tragedy of the Greco-Trojan war with more recent Balkan conflicts. In this saga of ruin and loss, of love and the hope for redemption, Cassandra’s prophetic clairvoyance and the exiled wandering of the refugees are the central motifs of this play. The performance pulsates with explosive bodies and vibrant voices, and gets its bite from fierce action. The trumpeting wail of iron horns and the ominous boom of the drums tell their own sad tale of the ravages of war. Cassandra Now is total theatre where body and voice unite. The chorus is the drama’s multi-faceted voice set against the individual fates in the guise of admonisher, advisor, mourner and heckler. “Spiked with sudden comedy, touched by moments of naked beauty — it’s like a volcano erupting in a confined space.” Directed by Erik Norlin, this is a Slava production — a premiere European theatre company known for its extraordinary sense of design, lighting and visual enactment. Brought to the city by ICCR and Teamwork Films in association with Spandan.

When: January 24 & 25; 7 pm

Where: G.D. Birla Sabhagar

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