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Sudarshan scorches Marxists, madarsas

Calcutta, Jan. 22: It was the world according to K.S. Sudarshan, now RSS sarsanghchalak and once eastern region kshetra sanchalak.

In a speech that slammed all in sight and outside, Sudarshan — atop a chariot-like structure pulled towards the “Hindu rashtra” by wooden horses — expounded his theory about communists and Americans, Muslims and madarsas, Christians and missionaries, “Macaulay-putras and Marx-putras” and even the President and Jesuits.

Today’s rally was the first of the three planned for the RSS chief’s biennial state visit. Careful not to tread on Bengali sensibility, the speech — delivered in chaste Bengali — identified the speaker’s vision of the world with that of some of Bengal’s greatest sons like Rabindranath Tagore, Netaji and Swami Vivekananda.

Here is The World According to Sudarshan.

Macaulay-putras and Western education and how Ours is better:

English should not be taught before Class VIII as Western education promotes alienation from Indian culture. “There are so many languages in India. Why should a child learn English'”

English-teaching promotes English novels and an alien worldview. They are written only in the US, England and Canada (anyone ever heard of Upamanyu Chatterjee or Amitav Ghosh or Arundhati Roy').

The rulers deliberately stopped teaching of Sanskrit to divorce the Indian student from Indian science (as all books used to be written in Sanskrit).

Marx-putras and the CPM:

The communists called Netaji “Tojo’s dog”. They have never been faithful to India. Did they not split because of loyalties divided between the erstwhile USSR and China'

Communism is a religion like any other, propounded by a messiah (Marx), having a god (dialectical materialism) and having its own holy book (Das Kapital).

The tail (Indian communists) is wagging though the head has bowed (look at Russia and ‘capitalist’ China).

Gujarat has frightened them. They want to frighten Muslims into voting for them en bloc.

George W. Bush and other Americans and how We are better:

Bush is only after Iraq’s oil. That’s why he is looking for pretexts to finish off Saddam Hussein. But he won’t succeed.

They (Americans) don’t save. They only spend, spend and spend. Following them is dangerous. Even the poorest among us saves at least “char paisa”.

Muslims, madarsas and the Left Front govt:

Some Muslims are promoting terrorism. Over 900 unregistered madarsas have sprung up near the border in West Bengal. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee admitted they were promoting anti-national feelings but had to back-pedal following pressure from his party.

West Bengal under the Left has become a safe haven for ISI activities.

Christians, missionaries, Jesuits and their backer (President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam):

Some churches are promoting terrorism. Some in the Northeast are actively supporting anti-national elements.

Do you know what rules, regulations and practices the Jesuits have' Why should the President of India encourage them'

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