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Politics stays on Redford mind

Park City (Utah), Jan. 21 (Reuters): As he presides over this year’s Sundance Film Festival, actor Robert Redford has politics on his mind — and the tapes of aspiring filmmakers at his feet.

Meeting with reporters on Sunday, Redford, founder of the premiere US independent film festival, chastised the White House, saying it had some explaining to do to the American people before embarking on a possible war against Iraq.

Redford said that while movies were clearly on his mind, he could not forget about politics with anti-war protests flaring across the nation.

“There is clearly a rising swell demanding answers to something so consequential. Whether that happens in time to stop something that should or should not happen... all I know is, I certainly haven’t heard the answers,” Redford said.

“There’s a lot of attitude, but not much policy, coming to the American people to tell them how they should know what to do,” he added.

Redford declined to comment much further, telling reporters he “really didn’t want to get into the Iraq issue.”

He preferred to focus on film and the festival, a gathering of independent filmmakers held annually in this mountain town east of Salt Lake City.

Redford confirmed a story making the rounds in Park City — that aspiring filmmakers here threw videotapes at his feet as he made a speech in the hopes he might take a look.

The star of The Sting and Academy Award-winning director of Ordinary People joked that he had fruit thrown at him before, but tapes were typically handed to him or stuffed into his jacket.

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