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Vampire fears

Blantyre (Malawi), Jan. 20 (Reuters): Malawi police arrested a radio broadcaster yesterday after he interviewed a man who claimed that he had been attacked by mysterious blood suckers.

Bizarre rumours have been swirling round the impoverished southern African country since late last year that the government was colluding with vampires to collect human blood for international aid agencies.

President Bakili Muluzi has ordered police to arrest anybody who spread the rumour. Police said they arrested community radio broadcaster Maganizo Mazeze in the commercial capital Blantyre for failing to give details of the interview aired on Saturday.

Police love

Zurich (Reuters): A romantic Swiss police supervisor asked his girlfriend and fellow officer to marry him by beaming his proposal over the police radio frequency. Jeannette Lanz, 26, accepted the offer by Martin Husistein, 38, and was ordered immediately to report to headquarters in the canton of Solothurn where her lover was waiting, police said on Monday. “Tonight’s night shift was the most beautiful and unusual I have ever had,” Lanz said as she arrived, shedding tears of joy.

Beer brawl

Berlin (Reuters): A German shop owner fought off a knife-wielding robber by dropping a six-pack of beer on his feet, sending the would-be thief limping away empty-handed, police in the west German town of Bochum said on Sunday. The man had entered a mini-market just minutes before closing time and asked for a six-pack of beer, police said. The owner of the shop was about to hand it over to him when he pulled out a knife and told her: “If you scream I'll stab you to death.” But instead of screaming, she dropped the beer directly onto his feet and pushed the stunned and howling assailant out of the door. Police said they were searching for the suspect, who was last seen hobbling away from the store.

Men’s mates

London (Reuters): Mr Men, among the world’s most popular children's book characters, are to get six new friends 15 years after the death of their creator Roger Hargreaves. His son has penned the tales of Mr Cool, Mr Rude, Mr Good, Little Miss Bad, Little Miss Scary and Little Miss Whoops. Adam Hargreaves took over the running of the multi-million pound Mr Men empire after his father died of a stroke in 1988 at the age of 53.

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