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Fashion posers stars won’t solve

Los Angeles, Jan. 20 (Reuters): Mystery swirled around the red carpet at the 2003 Golden Globe awards, where the night’s gilded display by Hollywood’s hottest talents raised more fashion questions than answers.

Why did Lara Flynn Boyle appear in a tutu' Why did Richard Gere say it would take hours to explain why he was wearing a Tibetan bracelet' Why did Meryl Streep “smell like a camel”'

And, oh yes, why would one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and respected actresses, Nicole Kidman, have a clown nose stuffed in her shoe'

The Golden Globes, celebrated as a dress rehearsal for February’s Academy Awards and one of the most rollicking Hollywood parties of the year, have a history of producing odd fashion statements and striking admissions.

Last night was no different.

Boyle, who appeared onstage to present an award, caused the biggest stir of the night with her outfit: an outrageous pink tutu accented by ribbons wrapped around her calves.

Samuel L. Jackson, known for pushing the high-fashion envelope himself, smilingly declined to be drawn into the tutu controversy. Jack Nicholson called it “startling”.

Renee Zellweger, who hadn’t seen it, gushed over it nevertheless. “Did she wear a tutu' Good for her! Good for her!” Zellweger said.

Of her own outfit, a vintage Valentino swept out of a closet in Rome and on to the red carpet, she said: “It’s simple, it’s elegant. It’s not fussy. It’s not trying and I like it.”

Streep, who was honoured as best supporting actress for her role in Adaptation, was complimented for her glittery neckless Giorgio Armani jacket, but cautioned that she had flown straight from Rome where she was shooting Angels in America.

“Don’t get near me. I smell like a camel,” Streep joked with reporters.

Then there was the enigmatic bracelet worn by Richard Gere, who took best-actor honours for his role in Chicago as a hard-hearted defence lawyer. “It’s a Tibetan thing,” he told reporters.

“It would take hours to explain what it means.”

Kidman, who won best dramatic actress honours, for her turn in The Hours as Virginia Woolf credited a prosthetic nose for part of the film’s magic.

More puzzling, she removed a clown’s nose that was tucked into her strapped heels. “Someone gave me a red nose to wear,” she said, declining to don it in front of the cameras.

The decision to wear a fake nose as Woolf was worrying at first, but not because she cared about her own looks, she said. “At first in the make-up, I thought this could be totally ridiculous or it could help people get lost in the character and the film,” she said.

As for the night’s best denial — that award went to Zellweger who flatly denied a romantic involvement with George Clooney.

“We have been friends for a very long time and we are not ‘friends’,” she said, making giant invisible quote marks in the air.

“He is a good friend and I am keeping him. He is a cute friend. He is a smart friend.”

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