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Incest concerns

Kuala Lumpur, Jan. 19 (Reuters): The wife of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has said couples should space out the births of their children because over-crowding can lead to incest, the New Sunday Times reported.

Siti Hasmah Mohammad Ali said couples should consider whether their house had enough room for a large family and take into consideration income and living conditions. “They can still have large families, but the birth of children should be spaced out as it is not proper for one whole family to share one bedroom,” she said.

Malaysia plans to impose harsher sentences on offenders after a series of incestuous rapes involving children. Under tough new laws, such rapists will be jailed for up to 30 years, from 20 years currently, and given a minimum of 10 strokes of the cane.

Lost copter

Washington (Reuters): An unidentified Swiss national on Saturday landed his helicopter at Andrews Air Force Base, the home of the presidential Air Force One jet outside Washington, after getting lost, the Air Force said. The pilot, who had a Swiss passport and identification with him, apparently got lost while trying to land at Indian Head airport, which is several miles from Andrews, according to the 89th Airlift Wing of the Air Force. It said the FBI and Air Force Office of Special Investigations were called in to assist with an investigation of the incident, which occurred around 2200 GMT on a day of clear blue skies in the Washington area.

Love in Paris

Paris (Reuters): Declarations of undying devotion will flash across Paris’s municipal bulletin boards every 20 seconds next month as the French capital invents a new way to say “I love you” on Valentine’s Day. Bertrand Delanoe, the left-wing mayor known for his innovative city festivals, said the electronic boards would carry the best short love letters on Friday, February 14 — Valentine’s Day — and throughout that weekend. Announcing the amorous ads, he said they would “help Parisians tell each other ‘I love you’”.

He urged Parisians to send in their messages with a note indicating which neighbourhood they wanted them to be posted in. A special committee would pick out the best ones to display. The illuminated boards, which normally announce everything from city festivals to traffic warnings, stand at key squares and intersections all around the French capital.

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