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‘Our move is aimed at providing piped drinking water to all the people in the city by the year 2010’
Asok Bhattacharya, minister

Bypass cure for Bypass blues
You are headed for the airport from your Gariahat residence. You have a comfortable 40-minute cushion for check-in time as you hit the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. But in a cruel case of being so near and yet so far, you end up missing the flight by ...  | Read.. 
Deities in human form act as painkillers
In all cultures and in all times have there been the chosen few who have, from time to time, been “possessed” by deities. In ...  | Read.. 
Space research receives a Big Bang
From a young star-gazer in space-jammed Ramrajatala, to the director of the Centre for Space Physics, Boston University, Supr...  | Read.. 
Property axe on Metal Box
All property owned in the city by Metal Box India Limited (MBIL) — closed now for over 12 years — may soon be taken over by t...  | Read.. 
Lip-smacking trip down taste trail
Nawab’s delicacies to grandma’s kitchen fare under one roof on Elgin Road

Mogra Murg Pulao and Potli Kabab from Siraj-ud-Daullah’s durbar, the long-lost Keller’s Railway Cutlet from the old Sk ...  | Read.. 
Moon Moon Sen spends her winter months on the jatra stage in rural Bengal. But Sunday night found her at Mahajati Sadan, playing the protagonis ...  | Read
Hello, it's Monday, January 20, 2003
Roads to avoid
Presidency meet
Recitation workshop
Khadi on display
Living Gods on Earth
Carmelia Mallebrein is a renowned Indologist who c...  | Read.. 
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 It's Your Birthday So...
You like to weigh the pros and cons of a scheme before starting work on it. You may get into ...Read.. 
Hard Talk
  Dud debt recovery costs up
  Clerks in the dark about new rates
Multi-crore project for piped water
The government has taken up a comprehensive plan to ensure 100 per cent pi...  | Read.. 

Stray check to prevent rabies
Of the nearly three million people bitten by dogs in India every year, 30,0...  | Read.. 

Arrests for murder spark roadblock
Residents and members of a local club in Thakurpukur set up an hour-long ro...  | Read.. 

Drug-short hospitals turn away cancer-hit
Cancer patients are increasingly being turned away from state hospitals due...  | Read.. 

Railway crackdown on Sealdah extortionists
The railway authorities in Sealdah are taking on extortionists masquerading...  | Read.. 

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Garment unit in Falta gutted
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