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Crowe irks NZC

Auckland, Jan. 18 (AFP): New Zealand Cricket authorities on Saturday distanced themselves from comments by former Black Caps’ captain Martin Crowe on a website that Maori did not make good cricketers because they lacked patience for the duration of a match.

Crowe said many Maori did not have the temperament or patience to play an entire day of cricket, let alone a Test, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Referring to Maori fast bowler Darryl Tuffey’s “fine match” against the Indians earlier this month,, Crowe said: “Tuffey is a Maori and, traditionally, not many Maori make good cricketers because they don’t have the patience or the temperament to play through a whole day, let alone over a Test match.”

NZC operations manager John Reid said the remarks were not representative of the national organisation. But he said it was not surprising that Maori and Pacific Island players were not well represented at a senior level in the sport.

“Cricket is still perceived by many as a white middle- class game. And if you look at many other sports in New Zealand, Maori and Pacific Islanders make a strong contribution.” Adam Parore — a Maori — told the Herald he was not offended by Crowe’s comments, and that they were more attracted to more physical sports, such as rubgy union and rugby league.

In an indignant column rebutting Crowe’s remarks, Herald sports columnist Richard Boock wrote on Saturday there were other reasons for low Maori participation in cricket.

“Apathetic and sometimes-bigoted local associations, costs, the strangeness of the game and an understandable dislike of English colonialism had combined to repel almost anyone with brown skin.

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