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Koi Ek Raat

The backdrop of this play is one night — a night like any other night yet, the time acquires vital significance in two women’s lives. For them, this one night descends with its ominous darkness, pealing and rejecting all the layers of socially-approved codes of conduct and exposing the vulnerability of a mother and her daughter as their raw wounds — the various aspects of their relationship are tossed and exposed. The two women, under tremendous pressure, confront each other. They are both looking for an outlet to release their pent-up rage, confusion, love and hatred for each other. The play is a journey through alternating sequences of conflicts and disagreements, bonding and joys and through the turbulent and dramatic lives of the two women. Memories of shared pain and happiness unfold. Trivial and long-forgotten incidents come to the forefront and the entire purgatory process becomes a journey of self-discovery. Written and directed by Ashok Singh, this Spandan production features Renu Roy and Nandini Chatterjee.

When: Tomorrow at 6.30 pm

Where: Gyan Manch

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