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Delving into women’s psyche

“For as long as she has been painting, Dipali Bhattacharya’s works have focused on the woman as archetype, inhabiting a certain space which in turn defines her identity.” In her most recent works, Outer Spaces/Inner Spaces, Bhattacharya delves into the past, a time when everything moved at a leisurely pace. Life was not a constant strife to move on and excel. There was time to look at and admire all those small, inconsequential things — things which seem to have deserted us, but which continue to haunt the psyche of women today. Bhattacharya presents us with a ‘gothic’ ambience — a world of inner tiled courtyard (andar mahal), towering pillars, statues in stone casting shadows, beautifully carved gates in cast iron — controlling the entrance and exit to these mansions. In these spaces, she introduces her women who have lived their lives within these inner spaces — trapped in a system of encoded values. Her works are “greatly inspired by the background of my mother. To my mind, it is possbly the history of many women of our times and a generation earlier; routine life stories perhaps, which, when unraveled carefully, tell stories of struggle and survival...of battle won.” She has also ventured to experiment with wood carvings. And here too, her women have a definite persona, a resolution and are independent.

When: Till January 21; 10 am - 8 pm

Where: Renaissance Gallery, 36 Chowringhee Road

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