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Anxiety grips Pakistanis in America
An anxiety that has gripped foreign nationals from 16 Muslim nations is spreading among students, tourists and businesspeople from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. ...  | Read.. 
Detective killed during UK anti-terror swoop
British police interrogated three north African suspects today after a policeman was stabbed to death during an anti-terrorism operation linked to the discovery of a deadly p ...  | Read.. 
US halts gene therapy trials
The US Food and Drug Administration said today it was halting about 30 gene therapy trials after learning that a second child in a French gene therapy experiment has leukaemi ...  | Read.. 
Arms search in Saddam palace
UN inspectors hunted for banned weapons deep in the heart of President Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad palace today and demanded Iraq’s active help so they could get the job done. ...  | Read.. 
Actor-director James Brolin at the premiere of A Guy Thing with wife Barbra Streisand in Los Angeles on Tuesday. (Reuters)
Potter Phoenix
Pam pact
Blues band
Impact Indian, conduct American
There is no shouting, no blocking the “well” of the House or anything remotely approaching the ..  | Read.. 
In a polished pop world, Lavigne is unvarnished
She’s plopped on a sofa backstage, looking bored to the point of catatonia, her only vital sign the ..  | Read.. 
UN adds muscle to new anti-smoking pact draft
The UN’s top health official today applauded a new draft fo ...  | Read..