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HEADCOUNT HORROR: The streets are choking, as is the city

Of high-handed men in high offices

Apropos the report ‘Humiliated mayor drags hospital row into House’ (Metro, December 17), it is quite amusing to note that our mayor has taken his recent run-in with the superintendent of SSKM Hospital to the floor of the Assembly.

Although the ‘accused’, Debdwaipayan Chatterjee, has tendered a written apology, that did not debar the mayor from pursuing the matter over such a long period of time. It is expected of a man of his stature to rise above petty squabbles and forget the unfortunate episode. It is a different matter as to who was in the wrong.

Presumably, the man at the helm of affairs suffers from a complex which sometimes leads to him to such irrational behaviour.

It is hoped that the mayor should let bygones be bygones. The issue is definitely not doing his image any good in the public eye.

Tathagata Kar,

Kailash Bose Street.

No strength in numbers

The Calcutta Municipal Corporation and the state government need to be congratulated for seeking methods to regulate the flow of people into Calcutta (China check for migrant balance, Metro, December 13). Thousands of people from neighbouring states and countries settle in the city regularly. This mass influx takes a heavy toll on the city, causing an enormous strain on the civic amenities. Before the situation goes out of hand, strict regulations regarding entry and settlement in the city should be enforced.

Kajal Chatterjee,


lIt is good to learn that mayor Subrata Mukherjee realises that migrants are the stumbling blocks to the development of the city. The Marxist state government should mend its populist political blunder of the past and welcome the ‘Beijing model’.

Dr. Mohan Lal Sarkar,

Budge Budge .

A fresh script

It is interesting that the HS Council has taken into consideration the allegations regarding evaluation of answer-scripts of students of English-medium schools (English channel to HS merit list, Metro, December 19). The move to have teachers of English-medium schools examine scripts in English is a judicious step.

Piyal Mukherjee,

Lake Town.

Management lessons

College principals now have to deal with so many administrative aspects (40 college principals in B-School crash course, Metro, December 14). While holding a crash course on modern management for them was a good idea, were 15 days sufficient to update their knowledge'

M. Sarkar,

Budge Budge.

Web of appreciation

Apropos the report ‘Makdee spins a salute to Manikda’ (Metro, December 19), it was nice of a great actress like Shabana Azmi to pay a tribute to Satyajit Ray, who had set a trend in children’s films with the Gupi-Bagha and the Feluda series. However, hardly any film-maker these days is interested in this genre. Hope Makdee gets a good response.

Kamal Majumdar,

Chunilal Banerjee Road.

Better late...

Apropos the report ‘Syllabus shift in 30 subjects’ (Metro, December 16), it is heartening to note that the CU authorities have revised the syllabus of 30 subjects in its undergraduate courses. While other universities modernised their syllabi, CU remained a passive spectator causing serious damage to the career prospects of its students.

Debaprasad Mukherjee,

Nayapatty Road.


In the report ‘Party whip irks truant lawyers’ (Metro, November 23) I have been described as a wilful absentee from the high court in defiance of the decision of the Democratic Lawyers’ Association to resume work. But I had to undergo a bypass surgery on October 9 and was advised not to attend court to avoid tension. I had no intention to defy the association’s order.

Samar Kumar Datta,

Sr advocate, Calcutta High Court.

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