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Son slain in fight to save father fortune

Calcutta, Jan. 12: Twenty-two-year-old Ajay Doshi paid with his life for trying to resist dacoits who raided his father’s house early today.

Around 3.30 am, five robbers struck at their target — fish trader Gopal Doshi’s two-storeyed house at Amta in Howrah. They broke open the main door and confronted the roused residents with revolvers and choppers.

As the members of the joint family watched helplessly, they cleared out the cupboards and almirahs.“They took out Rs 25,000 in cash and gold ornaments worth Rs 80,000. None of the family members dared to resist the goons,” said an official of Amta police station.

But Ajay could not remain a mute spectator. He pounced on a robber and pinned him down. “One of the dacoits then fired at Ajay from point-blank range from his country-made revolver. As soon as Ajay slumped on the floor, two of the dacoits hacked him brutally with their choppers,” said the official.

At this, his family went hysterical. Screaming, they tried to save Ajay. The dacoits beat up 11 members of the family, including four children. “Ajay died on the spot as the bullet pierced his chest. The others were taken to a clinic,” he said.

Unnerved by this turn in the incident, the robbers left. But alerted by the row, policemen patrolling the area rushed to the spot and chased the fleeing robbers. They arrested four dacoits, but one gave them the slip. Some of the stolen goods were also recovered.

“Sensing trouble, the goons fled. But we reached the spot before they melted into the fog. We saw five youths running along the road and chased them,” recounted the official.

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