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Arms scout finds holes, not smoking guns
Chief UN arms inspector Hans Blix said today Iraq had failed to answer a “great many questions” in its weapons declaration but his teams had found no “smoking guns” in their searches on the ground. ...  | Read.. 
Hubble looks back into past
The Hubble Space Telescope has looked back in time 13 billion years to the end of the dark age in the universe’s infancy, a period when stars finally began to shine, astronom ...  | Read.. 
Rites, salutes for Nepal king’s grandson
Hindu priests conducted religious rites and gun salutes boomed as violence-wracked Nepal held a rare day of celebration today to mark the first public appearance of the grand ...  | Read.. 
Lanka rivals agree to disagree over security
Sri Lanka’s government and Tamil tiger rebels agreed to disagree on a security dispute today but announced plans to speed up humanitarian work in a bid to end two decades of ...  | Read.. 
South Korean trainer Kim Mi-jung and her monkey Conan play guitars during a monkey school show in Seoul on Thursday. (Reuters)
Love lost letters
Claudia ache
Paltrow boat
Anti-war Scorsese
Martin Scorsese took time out from promoting his latest movie Gangs of New York” today to ad..  | Read.. 
Venetians plan Napoleon trial for stealing treasures and worse
Some 200 years after conquering Venice, Napoleon Bonaparte will face trial in the lagoon city accus..  | Read.. 
‘Sharongate’ rocks poll race
A corruption scandal embroiling Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ...  | Read.. 

Peru plane with 46 on board lost
Air traffic controllers lost contact with a Tans Peru plane ...  | Read.. 

Militants held after Pak battle
Pakistani police arrested at least two foreign militants af ...  | Read..