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Defiant Iraq blasts US military buildup
Iraq televised defiant pictures today of thousands of armed volunteers marching near Baghdad as it lashed out at a growing US military buildup in the Gulf that has now drawn in British forces. ...  | Read.. 
Cloned babies a hoax: Scribe
The independent scientist and journalist brought in by Clonaid to verify its successful cloning of a human denounced their claim today as a possible “elaborate hoax” and halt ...  | Read.. 
Oslo court clears DVD Jon
A Norwegian teenager was cleared of DVD piracy charges today in a landmark trial brought on behalf of major Hollywood studios. ...  | Read.. 
UK poison arrests
British anti-terrorist police said today they had found a small quantity of ricin, one of the world’s deadliest toxins, in London raids that led to the arrest of seven north ...  | Read.. 
Martin Scorsese (centre) with Leonardo Di Caprio (right) and Daniel-Day Lewis before a preview of his latest film Gangs of New York in Paris on ...  | Read
Wench wonder
Texas tattoo
Saintly slip
Berlin zoo’s middle-aged chimps ‘fired’
Aping the tactics of some big employers, the Berlin zoo is to send its middle-aged chimps into earl..  | Read.. 
Natalie confirms engagement
One of Australia’s most famous celebrity couples, chart-topping singer Natalie Imbruglia and Daniel..  | Read.. 
Rebels enlisting child soldiers
Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers are still recruiting child soldier ...  | Read.. 

False alarms on Afghan plane
A warplane from the US-led coalition forced an Afghan airli ...  | Read.. 

A doctor and his death machine
Australia’s leading euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke, ...  | Read.. 

Tigers pull out of disarmament panel
Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers talked peace with the government t ...  | Read.. 

China ends secure job system in PSUs
China has shed yet another vestige of the planned economy — ...  | Read.. 

North Korea talks tough
North Korea said today economic sanctions over its nuclear ...  | Read.. 

Nepal hunts for missing children
Nepal’s army and armed police today launched a massive hunt ...  | Read..