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Hitback at Gujarat ‘mistake’

New Delhi, Jan. 6: The BJP today trashed the deliberations and resolution of the Congress Working Committee, terming it an “eye-wash” and “exercise in self-deception”.

The Congress has not learnt from its “mistakes” during the Gujarat elections, BJP general secretary and spokesman Arun Jaitley alleged. “The results were a positive vote for the BJP government in the state and the NDA in the Centre and a protest vote against the kind of politics pseudo-secularists practised in relation to Gujarat,” he said.

Jaitley, who was speaking to reporters, is apparently peeved with the CWC for blaming the BJP government for the terrorist attacks on Parliament, the Godhra train and the Akshardham and Raghunath temples.

The Congress had warned such a strategy could deprive the BJP of the high moral and political ground it sought to claim on the terrorism plank by projecting itself as the sole saviour that can save India from the “menace”.

The BJP spokesman attempted to turn the tables on the Congress, saying: “The rest of the country believes Pakistan and the insurgents are responsible, but the Congress holds the BJP responsible and that, too, on the specious ground that all these attacks took place during BJP rule. By this yardstick, would the Congress claim responsibility for the attacks which led to the assassination of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi'”

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