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Legal cloud over Guy Ritchie show

London, Jan. 6: A new reality television show, Swag, produced by Madonna’s film director husband, has run into trouble after encountering the real criminal world.

The show, which is being made for Channel 5, has been described as a cross between Candid Camera and Police! Camera! Action!. It uses hidden cameras to see whether members of the public can be tempted into illegal acts. But a legal cloud now hangs over the show after a cameraman was stabbed by the subject of one of its “stings”.

The incident occurred during a stunt in which an expensive car was left unlocked in London in the hope that an opportunist would try to steal it. Sure enough, it was not long before a passer-by took the bait, settling in behind the driving wheel. Seconds later he was startled when the doors locked automatically and the car began to fill with foam.

Failing to appreciate his role as the butt of an elaborate practical joke, he smashed a window and clambered out. When he saw a cameraman filming the incident from across the street, he raced over and stabbed him in the leg with a screwdriver.

Paramedics were called and the cameraman was taken to hospital with what Channel 5 said was a minor wound.

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