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Pizza problem

Edmonton (Alberta), Jan. 3 (Reuters): Two would-be Canadian thieves learned the hard way on New Year’s day that knowing how to drive a car is a prerequisite for stealing one.

Police said the two males accosted a pizza delivery man in northeast Edmonton, Alberta, early on Wednesday and demanded the four pizzas he was carrying as well as cash. The bandits, aged 17 and 18, apparently changed their minds at one point and jumped into the man’s car.

But their getaway was foiled because the 17-year-old behind the wheel did not know how to drive a stick shift. Flummoxed by the manual transmission and clutch, the duo then went back to their original plan to commandeer the pizzas, the police said. “It was a toss-up between pizzas and the car, and they knew how to operate pizzas,” Bellmore said.

officers arrived on the scene, they spotted one of the suspects entering the home where the pizzas were to be delivered.

Both were arrested and have been charged with robbery and theft. Police also recovered the pizzas.

Potter role

n Los Angeles (AFP): Irish-born actor Sir Michael Gambon is tipped to take on the wizardly role of Prof. Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies after the death of star Richard Harris. Gambon will take on the role as headmaster of young Harry’s Hogwarts School for Wizardry and Witchcraft in the third film in the blockbuster series that goes into production this year, E! entertainment news said. Gambon, considered one of Britain’s top actors who was last seen in a major production in Robert Altman’s satiric film Gosford Park in 2001, is expected to play Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Geese turn

London (AFP): After an apparent wrong turn, a dozen snow geese have found themselves on a Scottish island, thousands of miles away from their usual wintering grounds in the US, The Independent reported on Friday. Snow geese from northern Canada normally fly south to the US for the winter and large groups are seldom seem in northern Europe, the paper said. But this year, a dozen snow geese joined a crowd of their cousins, white-fronted geese, and ended up on the Hebridean island of Islay, The Independent said. Authorities do not expect the geese to come to any harm even though they might spend a chillier, wetter winter than usual. “Each year we seem to get one or two snow geese that have attached themselves to a flock of white-fronted geese and flown here in the wrong direction,” said , a reserve warden.

Teller heist

Bangkok (Reuters): A driver of an armoured van drove away with 50 million baht ($1.2 million) in Bangkok on Friday in a heist executed while five colleagues were restocking an automated teller machine, police said. Police told Reuters they were combing the Thai capital for a white Toyota van belonging to a security unit of Siam Commercial Bank Plc. “We don’t know if the man drove away by himself or if he was forced by someone,” a bank official said. Police said the van had dispensed about 10 million baht to teller machines before the robbery. He said the men needed to get permission to report the theft before going to the police.

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