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In gay abandon

Love is a multi-splendoured emotion and human beings have expressed this feeling in various ways: poets have written paeans on their beloved and on love, artists have expressed themselves in their works and devotees have philosophised their profound feelings for god through unrequited love. As a matter of fact, in Vaishnavism, Sakhibhav is a religious movement where devotees consider themselves consorts of Lord Krishna. The movement spilled over to the cultural sphere and after the gradual decline of the Mahari tradition of Devadasis, Gotipuas (young boys dressed as girls) were trained to carry on the mantle and it is largely from them that the present form of Odissi dance has evolved. The Gotipuas technique, costume and presentation differ from most of the Maharis. The Gotipuas sing as they perform. In fact, most of the contemporary Odissi gurus including Kelucharan Mohapatra were Gotipuas in their boyhood. The art has been kept alive by enthusiastic gurus and institutions. The Dasabhuja Gotipua Odissi Nrutya Parisad of Raghurajpur (Puri) is one such institution where octogenarian Guru Maruni Das, along with a dedicated band of disciples have kept the tradition alive. They will be demonstrating the various aspects of this majestic folk dance form. The programme also includes Bandha dance a dance with intricate acrobatic poses and movements.

When: Tomorrow at 6 pm

Where: Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre (EZCC) New Complex, 1B 201 Salt Lake City

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