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In the name of competition

Suhel Banerjee,
Park Street.

The very thought of reservations for local students is so short-sighted! After all, what is our ultimate objective' Isnít it to produce the best students by giving the best possible education to those who best deserve it' The quality of students available on the national scale will naturally be much better than on the local level.

anindita choudhury,

Definitely. Other states, like Karnataka, too, have seats reserved for local candidates. So, the same should be done in West Bengal, too.

Sananda Sen,
New Alipore.

I think berths must be reserved for local candidates after the domicile bar of Joint Entrance Examinations is lifted. Then it will not be difficult for them to get employment after completion of their engineering course. But as there is lack of employment in our city, we have to make proper arrangements according to the number of local candidates, so that they are well-employed.


There canít be a better example of double standards if the domicile bar is lifted to give way to reservations instead. What purpose will the Ďopen-for-allí tag serve if it comes with such strings attached' The sole purpose behind reservation is to eradicate inequity. The aim should be betterment of the country at large and not just individual regions. Merit should always be the first priority and there should be no restrictions about this.

Nandini Banerjee,
Address not given.

Lifting the Joint Entrance Examinations domicile bar will be a boon for students all over India. But if berths are still reserved for local candidates, then what is the point of lifting the bar' Reservation of berths for local candidates will be unfair to students of other states.

Asif Nadeem,

I think, there should not be any reservation for local candidates in JEE after the domicile bar is lifted. All competitors should be treated equally. There should not be any distinction. Ultimately, I would say that reservations should be abolished so that deserving candidates get a chance according to their merit.

Kanai Saha,
Gauri Bari Lane.

Definitely not. Joint Entrance Examinations is a competitive test. Here high marks and rank in the examination should be the sole criterion. If reservation for local candidates is maintained even after lifting the domicile bar, the very purpose will be defeated. So, because of reservation for local candidates, meritorious students from outside should not be deprived.

Saadia Sitwat,
Linton Street.

Definitely. Berths should be reserved for local candidates after the Joint Entrance Examinations domicile bar is lifted. It is customary to give first preference to local people and their needs. Candidates from other states should always be welcomed but the authorities must also keep in mind that the local candidates have nowhere to go if rejected in their own state.

Govinda Bakshi,
Budge Budge.

Reservation in any form means making room for inferior candidates, thereby depriving deserving ones. To produce quality doctors and engineers, no compromise should be made in the interest of our country.

Sunil Banerjee,
VIP Road.

There is no denying that lifting domicile restrictions for appearing in the Joint Entrance Examinations may not be welcome news to the not-so-meritorious students of the state who will fear being pushed out of the JEE race by good students from elsewhere. But with a view to producing good students, I feel no berths should be reserved for local candidates after the JEE domicile bar in lifted.

P. Pramanik,
Santoshpur Avenue.

No reservation of any category should be allowed. Free and fair selection will produce quality personnel and we donít want quantity at the cost of quality.

Sunita Wadhwani,
S.R. Das Road.

Certainly not, because that would be at the cost of meritorious candidates. Any reservation means outright discrimination. We have suffered enough due to short-sighted politicians. We need competence, which is only possible if merit alone is considered the benchmark.


Even if boys and girls can be admitted through the JEE exam, would they get reservations in the job market'

Gopal Agarwal,
GT Road.

The Bengal government should be lauded for considering such a move. This will allow candidates from other states to compete for the seats in colleges here. But at least 65 per cent of the berths should be reserved for local candidates. This will do justice to both students here and elsewhere.

Barsha Chabaria,
Rabindra Nagar.

The dissipation of education ideally should know no borders. The object of a competitive examination like Joint Entrance is to produce meritorious doctors and engineers. So why should the selection be narrowed' This will only encourage parochialism. The only quotas that can be allowed are those for sportspersons and physically challenged students. Provisions should be there for financial aid, too.

Naren Sen,
B.N. Lahiri Lane.

I think any state government should give a chance to meritorious students from all over the country. However, reservation of some berths for local students is always acceptable.

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