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Action key to bowling fast
Use the depth of the crease while playing the hook and pull

I am a fast bowler. I work out regularly at the gym and do weight training. Will this stiffen the arms and reduce my pace'

(Rahul Kedia, 22, Calcutta-26)

Weight training if done properly under guidance of a good instructor can be useful. Make sure you do a lot of stretching or swimming so that you donít stiffen.

I am a fast bowler and want to increase my pace. Please advise.

(Pratap Shah, Calcutta-8)

Work on your action and rhythm. Also train harder and build up the right muscles.

I am a leg spinner and would like to know the right length when bowling to left-handed batsmen.

(Partha Dutta, 18, Calcutta-14)

The right length would be off-stump or just outside, drawing the batsman forward so that the ball hits the stumps if he misses.

I am a medium pacer but cannot bowl the out-swinger. Please help.

(Bhaskar Chandra, 13, Calcutta-67)

Check your action with your coach. You are not getting side-on enough in your action. You could be open-chested as well.

I am a right-handed batsman. I can play my shots against the spinners, but against the pacers I am not very comfortable. Why does this happen'

(Abhijit Bezboruah, 17, Dimpaur)

Try and get yourself in the right position early so that you have the extra bit of time.

I am a right-handed batsman. I face problems playing the pull shot. Please help.

(Sohag Kr Patra, 11, Calcutta-108)

Watch the ball closely. Get back and across and make sure you use the depth of the crease.

I am about 5 feet 10 inches tall. But whenever I attempt the hook, I miss the ball or get hit on my head. Why does this happen'

(Utsav De, 16, Calcutta-32)

Use the length of the crease. Get back and across so that you get inside the line of the ball.

I am a right-handed batsman. I face problems with short-pitched stuff aimed at my body. I often get hit on the face or edge it straight into the air. Please help.

(Pranab Bose, 12, Calcutta-14)

You are not watching the ball and therefore getting hit. Keep your eyes on the ball till the last minute.

I am always troubled by the over-pitched ball on the middle stump. Please help.

(Ashif Ali, 14, Sivasagar)

Donít fall over, donít lift your head when attempting a shot.

I am a right-arm medium pacer. My problem is that the pace of my deliveries gradually decrease with every passing over. Please help.

(Anup Kumar Banerjee, 18, Dhanbad)

Work on your fitness and stamina. An economic action would be a big help as it will take less out of you.

I often fail to negotiate the right length of the ball. I think the problem is with my footwork. What is the best way to improve oneís footwork'

(Cijoe S. John, 12, Calcutta-60)

By watching the ball and picking the length up early. A lot of skipping should help you get quicker on your feet.

I am a medium pacer. As I run in to bowl, I often lose my balance and this results in no and wide balls. How do I get my run-up right'

(Prasun Hazra, 13, Calcutta-41)

Watch the spot you want the ball to hit at the time of delivery and you will see the difference.

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