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Bad deal for the better half
Marriage is more damaging to a woman’s well-being than a man’s because it offers her fewer immediate personal benefits, says research by a government-funded group. ...  | Read.. 
Jamali sails through
Pakistan’s new civilian government easily won a parliamentary vote of confidence today, reflecting the ruling coalition’s growing power despite the opposition of Islamic hard ...  | Read.. 
Arroyo not to contest next polls
Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said today she would not contest the next election, a surprise announcement that changes the political landscape before a poll wh ...  | Read.. 
Hostile Kenyans abuse Moi
A dejected Daniel arap Moi spent his last moments as Kenyan President under a barrage of abuse from a hostile, jeering crowd impatient to see the end of his 24 years in offic ...  | Read.. 
Oracene Price (right), mother of tennis star Serena Williams, has her back massaged by Serena’s sister Lyndrea in Perth on Monday. Serena is particip ...  | Read
Stripper slogans
Rowling tops
Dance ends
American agency to check clone claim
The claim by the Raelian cult that it helped to produce the world’s first human clone, a baby c..  | Read.. 
Like Michael, like mama
The actor Michael Douglas’ mother has married for the third time, in Bermuda during an outbreak of t..  | Read.. 
Govt softens stand on Maoists
Nepal’s government, fighting an increasingly violent revolt ...  | Read.. 

Iraq accuses US of double standards
Iraq accused the US of double standards today, contrasting ...  | Read..