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Armed gang makes off with booty in dawn raid

A gang of 25 armed men looted two houses on Anne Park Sarani, in Thakurpukur, on the south-western fringes, at gunpoint during the early hours of Sunday. A youth was injured trying to ward off the dacoits.

Residents were angry as the police reached the spot at least an hour after the incident. The dacoits arrived on foot after midnight and walked away with the booty after the operation. A police picket has been posted in the area, although no one was arrested till late in the evening.

The criminals knocked on the door of Nanda Kumar De around 12.30. De and his wife had gone to Dum Dum to visit his in-laws. His nephews, Tarak Nath Kansabanik and Somnath Mitra, were in. “Both Tarak and Somnath were asleep. They woke up on hearing the loud banging on the door and noticed through the window the armed youths waiting outside,” said Subhas Mitra, Somnath’s elder brother.

With no response from inside, the dacoits broke the glass panes and went up to the terrace. They entered the house after breaking the door open with an axe. “Both Tarak and Somnath tried to stop them. But the dacoits beat them up with iron rods and chains. One of them even took out a dagger and attacked Tarak, who began to bleed profusely from his right hand,” said Subhas. The dacoits then broke open the almirahs and took away the jewellery and garments, with some of them holding the boys at bay, brandishing revolvers and daggers.

Hearing the commotion, Tarak’s parents, sister and brother-in-law, who live across the road, raised an alarm. But the dacoits told them at gunpoint to remain indoors. They stormed the house and entered as they had the earlier house, by breaking open the door with an axe.

Neighbours complained that police arrived late and the gang tried to loot other houses on their way out. Additional superintendent of police (industrial) Rajesh Kumar Singh said local police were investigating the case.

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