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America ready for not one but two wars
The US said it was capable of fighting and winning not one war but two if need be, after the setback of seeing one of its unmanned spy planes shot down over Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
Pyongyang reacts with defence dare
North Korea today accused hawks in the US of pushing the Korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war and said its armed forces were up to the task of defeating any enemy. ...  | Read.. 
Christmas-eve killer blast in Philippines
A bomb blamed on Muslim militants killed a town mayor and 12 others in the southern Philippines today but the government played down the chances of a nationwide wave of Chri ...  | Read.. 
Pak explosion
Up to nine people were wounded today by a small explosion near a hotel in Rawalpindi, close to capital Islamabad. ...  | Read.. 
Zoya Chernyakhova, who lost her only son in the Chechen hostage crisis, cries outside the Tverskoi Court in Moscow on Tuesday. The court agreed to hea ...  | Read
Town, for sale
Cat carved
Pet care
Fine joke
Chicago wind in sail of big-screen musicals
Who said Hollywood musicals are dead'..  | Read.. 
Hot-headed men, think twice
A former university professor in Sudan has launched a sex strike in an attempt to end 19 years ..  | Read.. 
Dirty Harry to doting dad
It does not come as a surprise to learn that Clint Eastwood ...  | Read.. 

Fish on the menu twice a month keeps strokes away
Eating fish as infrequently as once or twice a month reduce ...  | Read.. 

Plane goes down with its designers
Ukraine today mourned the loss of the cream of its aircraft ...  | Read.. 

Gulf al Qaida boss in US jail, courtesy Emirates
The United Arab Emirates has said it was responsible for ar ...  | Read.. 

To give, or not to give
The monks of a Swiss monastery at Einsiedeln were facing a ...  | Read.. 

Asia decks up for cautious Christmas
Christians in Asia were on their guard and locals and West ...  | Read..