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I don’t want your £1.8m, angry Liz tells Bing

London, Dec. 18: The feud between Elizabeth Hurley and her former lover Steve Bing plumbed new depths yesterday when she spurned his offer to pay £1.8 million towards the upbringing of their baby son.

Having first gone to court to dispute paternity of the child, Bing — who is heir to a £250 million fortune — had a change of heart and offered to support the child after a DNA test proved conclusive .

But in a court hearing the 37-year-old actress said the money was “not wanted nor welcome”.

A spokesman for Bing said that the money would be paid into a trust, and it was not for the mother to turn away financial support for their child.

The actress is said to have become pregnant by Bing during a holiday at Sir Elton John’s villa in France. When Bing reacted by claiming they were “not in an exclusive relationship when she became pregnant” and it was “her choice to be a single mother,” she was distraught.

Hurley said that she had been utterly loyal and faithful to Bing.

Hurley’s sharp rejection of Bing’s money came after a private hearing in the family division of the High Court, during which she indicated that the aid — £100,000 a year until the boy is 18 — was unwelcome, and that she had no intention of accepting any help.

However, Bing issued a statement insisting that “a court order” had been made, “concluding proceedings” over the child.

Describing himself as “the applicant”, Bing, 37, son of American property magnate Peter Bing, said that he would “make financial provision for the benefit of Damian from January 1” until he is 18 “or a further order is made”.

He spoke of being “delighted that the matter has been concluded” and he was able “to honour his pledge to make generous provision for his son”.

The tussle over the child was the latest move in the increasingly bitter public relations battle between the pair, including an appearance by Hurley on America’s top-rated Today breakfast show, watched by 35 million viewers. She told the interviewer, Matt Lauer: “When the baby was conceived it was in absolute happiness. It would be horrible to do anything legal and nasty.”

The bad blood continued with what Hurley’s friends claimed was a carefully-staged PR offensive by Bing to make him look like “a swell guy”.

This included a Vanity Fair magazine article, which Hurley refused to help with, in which Bing showed “his favourite possession”, a framed note on Four Seasons hotel notepaper saying that Robert Mitchum would be joining him for tea.

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