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New US rules for Pakistan men

Washington, Dec. 17 (Agencies): The US has declared Pakistan and Saudi Arabia as “high risk countries for terrorists” and ordered male immigrants from these countries to register with the government failing which they will be deported.

Under new rules made available to the media yesterday, all Pakistani and Saudi males in the US aged 16 and above, who are not US citizens of permanant residence, will have to enlist themselves as per the latest registation notice. The US goverment will fingerprint and photograph the immigrants and those who fail to register are subject to deportation.

Those who have entered the US on or before September 30, 2002, will have to register. If they plan to stay in the US into late February, they will have until February 21 to register and provide documentation to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service about their visit. Girls and women, diplomats and those who are seeking political asylum in the US, or have been granted asylum, are exempted from the order, the Washington Post reported.

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