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Superfast scanner for stroke patients

New Delhi, Dec. 16: More or less everyone in India is familiar with the anxiety and flurry of activities after someone close suffers a stroke — the panic and the frantic rush for a doctor.

Now, help is at hand — a non-invasive imaging option for a five-second scanning of the cerebral arteries of stroke patients and faster screening for trauma patients.

Siemens today launched in India its Somatom Sensation 16 — a milestone in multi-slice computed tomography (CT scan) — and the Somatom Elevate Program to train doctors to upgrade from existing technology.

The advanced technology surpasses previous scanners in performance and applications. Besides rapid scanning of the brain arteries of stroke patients, Somatom Sensation 16 supports clinical applications like non-invasive cardiac imaging and single-breath-hold lung imaging.

The Somatom Sensation 16 is designed to cover the lungs in 10 seconds, thus allowing the test to be completed with a single breath hold.

With the fastest scan time of 0.42 seconds per rotation, the CT virtually freezes the motion of the heart. Being non-invasive and superfast, the study does not require any hospitalisation.

The vessels of the brain can be scanned in five seconds, ensuring that critical diagnosis can be made immediately in life-threatening situations.

In addition, the CT equipment from Siemens are networked, enabling them to offer telemedicine facilities. “We had acquired a software company, Shared Telemedicine, which was focused on IT healthcare. It has helped us combine the networking capabilities of the CT equipment,” said Henrich von Wulfen, executive vice-president of Siemens’ medical solutions division.

Richard Hausmann, president of CT Siemens AG, said: “India is one of the countries that has a population genetically prone to cardiac problems. The cost of the equipment is Rs 5 crore but the benefits to medical practitioners and patients is immense. We have already installed one equipment last week at Jupiter Hospital in Mumbai and will instal another at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi.”

“The price of the equipment can be brought down further if the government in India brings down the customs duty that account for 50 per cent of the cost of the final product,” he added.

The new CT scanner from Siemens offers Somatom volume zoom using the “4-slice technology”. The Somatom Sensation 16 is capable of acquiring 32 slices per second with sub-millimetre thickness, leading to fast coverage and a ultra high resolution.

Along with the advantages of volume, resolution and speed, the machine runs on the syngo user interface software with integrated 3-D image processing that allows a wide range of clinical applications.

Hausmann today also introduced the Somatom Elevate, a managed system-upgrade programme — one of the components of a unique customer relationship programme called Somatom Life.

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