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Hunt for Harry hair

London, Dec. 15 (Reuters): Prince Harry, teenage son of the late Princess Diana, has been warned of a plot to steal some of his hair in a bid to obtain a sample of his DNA genetic makeup, Britain’s Sunday Times reported.

The news report said police had been alerted after the private secretary of Prince Charles, Harry’s father and the heir to the throne, received a letter from a former police officer’s lawyer detailing the plans.

Scientists can carry out DNA tests on minute samples of hair, skin or saliva to establish a blood relationship between two individuals.

Harry, 18, and famous for his unruly shock of red hair, is the younger of Diana’s two sons with her former husband Charles.

Diana, who died in a 1997 Paris car crash, and Charles divorced after revelations of adultery on both sides — he with Camilla Parker Bowles and she with former British army officer James Hewitt.

September, Hewitt categorically denied in a newspaper interview that he was Harry’s real father in a bid to dispel long-standing rumours.

Monica row

Rome (Reuters): Italian television usually loves sex and scandal, but putting Monica Lewinsky on daytime TV on a Sunday close to Christmas was apparently too much for some. So it was that the former White House intern, who hit the headlines in 1998 over her affair with former President Bill Clinton, came to Italy all dressed up for a TV party — with no place to go. Lewinsky was to have been the star guest on “Domenica In (Sunday In)”, a talk show that goes on for about five hours and offers a mix of dancing, sport and interviews with everyone from priests to pop stars.

Banana blast

Ankara (Reuters): One man was killed and nine hurt when gas used to ripen fruit artificially exploded in a Turkish market, police said. Erbil Esmer, 36, was killed while shopping for bananas in the northwestern city of Balikesir, a policewoman said. “A spark caused the gas used to (ripen) bananas... to explode,” she said. Nine people were treated in hospital for injuries from the explosion, she said.

Crime check

London (Reuters): A British anti-crime charity has offered to reward people who informed police about persistent drunken drivers over the Christmas holidays. Crimestoppers Trust said the public can call it toll-free to give anonymous tips about persistent drunken drivers, which would then be passed on to traffic police. The reward of £500 pounds would be paid only if police arrested the offender and won a conviction, the charity said. Spokesman Roy Clark said the reward was designed to target “persistent drunks”.

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