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With the advent of the cold north winds, Nandikar heralds the opening of a few eventful evenings for the city theatrelovers. Nandikarís 19th National Theatre Festival has got its own innovative way of entertainment as it includes performers from not only Bengal but fromother states of India. Artists from Bangladesh have joined the group in order to give it a international fame. The inauguration will be followed by an award ceremony and the staging of the play Phullaketur Paalaa (picture above). This Bohurupee production, directed by Kumar Roy, is constructed on Chandimongal Kavya. The play centres around Kalketu, leader of a hunting tribe. He is bestowed by Goddess Chandi and thus becomes the ruler. But he is betrayed by Bhanru Datta and loses his kingdom. However, he is rescued and his blessed fortune helps him to regain all that he had lost. The line up for other days include: Chanda Bedni, Winkle Twinkle, Rangbhoomi, Kaatha, Ritusamharan , Shayari, Wajeb Miyaar Biyaa, Urubhangam, Shesh Saakshaatkaar, Kutte, Saajaano Baagaan, Ek Qatra Khoon, Ritusamhaaram, Peyythther and Choy Behaaraar Paalki.

When: Till December 25

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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