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Easy win for Name And Fame


S.Ganapathy’s Name And Fame won the Harvins Bangalore 2,000 Guineas in Bangalore on Saturday.


(With inter-state dividends)

1st race: Royal Heights (Kader) 1; Sweet Victory 2; Silver Cat 3. Won by: 7; SH; (1-9.2). Win Rs 21; (P) 14; 19; 18; (Q) 69; Shp: 32; (T) 264. Fav: Royal Heights.

2nd race: Hawke Bay (M. Narredu) 1; One Aim 2; Striesand 3. Won by: 6-1/4; 1-1/4; (1-14.6). Win Rs 88; (P) 15; 12; 15; (Q) 56; Shp: 35; (T) 543. Fav: One Aim.

3rd race: Deanston (Shobhan) 1; Diamond Blue 2; Fifty Fifty 3. Won by: 4-1/4; 1-1/4; (1-29.5). Win Rs 24; (P) 12; 46; 33; (Q) 375; Shp: 170; (T) 4,554. Fav: Deanston.

4th race: Street Smart (Srinath) 1; Anchor 2; King’s Pride 3. Won by: 4-1/4; 1-1/4; (1-28.3). Win Rs 30; (P) 17; 30; 21; (Q) 147; Shp: 74; (T) 757. Fav: Street Smart.

5th race: Autobahn (A. Imran) 1; Brave Russian 2; Flaming Tower 3. Won by: 1-1/4; SH; (1-16.1). Win Rs 45; (P) 19; 107; 13; (Q) 1,768; Shp: 244; (T) 10,359. Fav: Flaming Tower.

6th race: Harvins Bangalore 2000 Guineas 1,600m: (3-2-4) Name And Fame (Gallagher) 1; Obligado 2; Star Strider 3. Won by: 1-3/4; Hd; (1-38.9). Win Rs 28; (P) 13; 14; 20; (Q) 49; Shp: 34; (T) 278. Fav: Name And Fame (3).

7th race: Kia Ora (M. Narredu) 1; Destiny Dance Royal 2; Prose 3. Won by: 2-1/4; 2-1/4; (1-28.8). Win Rs 27; (P) 13; 14; 33; (Q) 34; Shp: 48; (T) 324. Fav: Kia Ora.

8th race: Francophone (Shobhan) 1; Burning Roma 2; Bin Tin Tin 3. Not run: Anonyme. Won by: 1-1/4; SH; (1-16.2). Win Rs 94; (P) 29; 25; 27; (Q) 257; Shp: 50; (T) 3,550. Fav: Odysseus.

Jackpot: Rs 5,749; (C) Rs 243.

Treble: (i) Rs 988; (ii) Rs 370.

Saturday’s track trials, outer sand

2,000m: Star Selection (Amil), Another Time (Merchant) and Argolis (Asghar) in 2-34s; (1,200m) 1-27s; (400m) 29s. Each was separated by 6 lengths.

1,600m: Sanctified Star (Rb) in 2-3s; (1,200m) 1-34s; (400m) 33s. Fit.

1,200m: Amaryllis (Rb) and Anacott (Surender) in 1-32s; (400m) 32s. Former 4 ls better. Strength To Strength (P. Alford) and Ispahan (Rutherford) in 1-28s; (400m) 28s. Former far better. Annotate (Rabani) and Arrayal (Shanker) in 1-26s; (400m) 31s. Former 2 ls better. Both are fit.

1,000m: Comedy Of Errors (Tamang) and Buffalo Park (Rutherford) in 1-12s; (400m) 29s. Former 3 ls better.

800m: Majestic Crown (Shanker) and Tequila Shot (G. Singh) in 57s; (400m) 28s. Former 2 ls better. Followme (Rabani) and Evangeline (Islam) in 58s; (400m) 30s. They were level. Both two-year-olds. Adams Dream (A. P. Singh) in 57s; (400m) 26s. Fit. Flying Power (Kujur) in 56s; (400m) 28s. Moved easy. Social Girl (Upadhya) and Moon Mission (Yadav) in 52s; (400m) 29s. They were level. Castle Moon (A. P. Singh) in 58s; (400m) 30s. Pearl Dragon (Yacoob) in 1-1s; (400m) 32s. Easy. Be Fresh/Current Affair (Jaiswal) and Concordial/Maid Of Vision (Smith) in 59s; (400m) 28s. They were level. Both are two-year-olds. Cool Quest (Tamang) in 59s; (400m) 28s. Mister Twister (Rabani) in 56s; (400m) 28 2/5s. Handy. Abridge (Rutherford) in 55s; (400m) 29s. Moved easy. Spanish Drum’s (Rb) in 57s; (400m) 29s. Handy. Kainat (M. Reuben) in 58s; (600m) 44s; (400m) 30s.

Sand track

1,400m: Bold Chieftan (Merchant) in 1-32s; (800m) 51s; (400m) 26s. Fit.

1,200m: Royal Satin (Tamang) in 1-16s; (800m) in 52s; (400m) 26s. Fit. Phunney Phellow (K. Kumar) and The Storm Rider (Rb) in 1-26s; (400m) 26s. They were level. 800m: Sagittarian (Dalpat) in 54s; (400m) 26s. Fit. .Accredite (Shanker) in 56s; (400m) 28s. Actuate (Rb) in 50s; (400m) 24s. Fit.

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