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‘We have arrested 12 people for the arson’
Police officer, after Beleghata canal clean-up

Fire of fury, dance of delight
10.45 am. Four boys run out of two shanties that were, presumably, their home just a few hours ago. As soon as they leave, the structures explode into fireballs. An hour later, fire-fighters are battling similar blazes raging across the western bank...  | Read.. 
Health and law review right to die
For the first time in the city, doctors, lawyers and representatives of voluntary organisations took part in a programme to d...  | Read.. 
French shutterbug with focus on India
“When you don’t know a country, you need clichés to identify it. And if the country in question is India, the clichés are par...  | Read.. 
Two can tango and it’s savvy to salsa
Young and not-so-young queue up to train in yesterday’s dances today

When was the last time you did the salsa or went cha cha cha' With sprawling ballrooms giving way to cramped nightclub floors ...  | Read.. 
OUSTER BLUSTER: Shanties go up in smoke as evicted settlers along Beleghata’s circular canal set fire to their homes during Tuesday morning’s clean-up drive . Picture by Aloke Mitra
Hello, it's Wednesday, December 11, 2002
Roads to avoid
Cradle of music
Art on view
Life through their lenses
Innocent eyes mesmerised by the sight of a strange...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Dilip Kumar. Pending matters will reach swift conclusions. Eventful year for romance. Busin ...Read.. 
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  Punish neglect, not accident
  sudhangshu dey
UK artists challenge notions about software
“Touch me not”, he could also have been speaking on behalf of works of art...  | Read.. 

8 rallies and an eviction
Returning home for lunch on Tuesday, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee had to take a ...  | Read.. 

Dacoity foiled at leather unit
Five criminals, toting revolvers, were rounded up from the Calcutta Leather...  | Read.. 

10 years on, killer cop sacked
Sirazul Sardar, a constable with the anti-crime section of Bally police sta...  | Read.. 

Life on the streets, through their lenses
“Dead drunk. This is a common sight in our locality.” The photographer is ...  | Read.. 

Apex court moved for eviction stay
A writ petition seeking to restrain the West Bengal government and the Cent...  | Read.. 

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Errant taxi drivers beat up cops
Cab hijack bid foiled, 1 held
Molestation charge
Criminal arrested
Snag in Metro
Gold, dollar haul
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Stifled voice of information
Timely aid