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‘The good news for the industry is that interest is back’
Saltlec tech firm spokesperson

Job boom back at tech firms
The worst is over. Push back pink slips, it’s appointment-letter time again at the Salt Lake Electronics Complex (Saltlec). The click is clearly on the comeback button as tech firms are out shopping for skills after a length...  | Read.. 
Passport racket bust in cop hub
Three days after the Special Task Force (STF) of Uttar Pradesh police arrived in the city to investigate how original blank p...  | Read.. 
Death paves bulldozer path
The battle for the banks of Beleghata’s circular canal took a tragic turn on Monday morning, with barely 24 hours to go befor...  | Read.. 
Marathon bypass saves man
When Shivaprasad Sadhukhan, a businessman from Hooghly district, began to cough up blood, physicians diagnosed it as tubercul...  | Read.. 
Fee favour indeed for students in need
Loreto Sealdah allows 160 under-privileged children to study on at old rates

Loreto Day School, Sealdah, has paved the ‘alternative’ path again. Responding to the appeals of nearly 160 parents, Sister C ...  | Read.. 
From Paro to Binodini. From Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay to Rabindranath Tagore… Adding another Bengali chapter to her celluloid saga, Aishwarya Rai ar ...  | Read
Hello, it's Tuesday, December 10, 2002
Roads to avoid
Rights rally
Album live
The stuff that dreams are made of
Gallery Katayun is celebrating its13th birth anniv...  | Read.. 
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 It's Your Birthday So...
Kenneth Branagh, actor. Time for important moves. You will be in the limelight. You’ll develo ...Read.. 
Young Metro
Notes from a Kalimpong choir...  | Read.. 
Tax review MAT snatched
A flat in Mahendra Chatterjee Lane had an annual valuation of Rs 8,350...  | Read.. 

Annie returns to Germany
The big-screen bridge between Berlin and Bengal has never been wider. If Os...  | Read.. 

Mayor eyes fresh UK loan to trim civic flab
The civic authorities have decided to approach the British department of fi...  | Read.. 

Rescue plea for killer dogs
The killer dogs, that mauled to death a worker in a mineral water-bottling ...  | Read.. 

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Two bodies found near Garia station
Man jumps to death in river
Man dies
Memorial meet
Land on lease
Fire in market
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