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Dubya doll

Los Angeles, Dec. 8 (AFP): Marketed as the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for the unrepentant political junkie, a talking George W. Bush doll has been selling by the thousands, claims its creator.

“Press the button on George’s back to hear him say 17 powerful and patriotic phrases,” says the website of the Talking Presidents Company, adding that the soundbites of Bush are “in his own voice”.

Warnock, who created the Irvine, described the Bush doll as a “political action figure” suitable either as a collectable for adults or a toy for children.

Wearing a red tie with white polka dots and a charcoal-coloured double-breasted suit, the smiling Bush doll sells for $29.99 and also repeats some of his most famous gaffes.

Schumi ‘foe’

Berlin (Reuters): British pop star Robbie Williams has told Formula One champion Michael Schumacher that he better watch out on the track next season because his best friend, a little-known British race driver, was out to beat him. Williams, famous for making outlandish comments, told Schumacher before a German television audience of more than 10 million that he was not only a racing fan but also close to Britain’s Jenson Button, a 22-year-old Formula One driver. “I’m a friend of Jenson Button, and he’s going to kick your ass,” Williams told Schumacher, five-time Formula One champion, on the ZDF television programme “Wetten dass (Wanna bet)'!”


Singapore (AFP): For three years Nicole Wong collected every bus ticket she could lay her hands on, and at her wedding in Singapore she presented her husband with the fruits of her labour — 99,999 paper hearts. In Chinese tradition, nine is an auspicious number, especially at a wedding where it represents everlasting love. The collection of neatly folded hearts moved her husband Derek Wong to tears when she presented them to him after their wedding.

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