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Romantic Nicole

New York, Dec. 7 (AP): She calls ex-husband Tom Cruise “the love of my life”, but Nicole Kidman says she’s ready for romance.

“I would love to meet somebody. I’d love to be swept off my feet,” Kidman tells Lesley Stahl in a 60 Minutes profile to air tomorrow on CBS.

“I mean, to have those goose bumps and that feeling in your stomach when you just go ‘Oh!’. Please. That would be fun. That would be lovely,” the 35-year-old actress said.

Kidman and Cruise divorced last year. The couple have two children, Isabella, 9, and Conor, 7.

“I spent a decade of my life with him and loved him. Still. Will always, you know'” she tells Stahl. “I mean, when you spend your that amount of time with someone, they are with you”.

Stahl asked Kidman whether she blames herself for the breakup of her marriage, Kidman replied: “Well of course, there’s two people to blame here. I mean, there’s a whole story behind everything. And it’s not, it's certainly not for public scrutiny”.

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