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Salt Lake slaps fee on amusement parks

A visit to Nicco Park or Nalban or a leisurely walk through Banabitan will, most probably, cost more, with Bidhannagar Municipality planning to introduce a fee for visitors and their vehicles at all amusement parks.

Officials said a notice will be sent to the park authorities, and the imposition will come into effect from December 20, just before the peak season.

The municipal board, at a meeting on Thursday, decided to impose a fee of Rs 2 in the three parks.

The civic body will also impose night-parking fees for heavy vehicles and special conservancy charges for collecting solid waste from hotels and other commercial establishments of the township.

“We are exploring avenues to increase income in accordance with the Municipal Act,” said Dilip Gupta, chairman of Bidhannagar Municipality. According to officials, the additional fee can ensure at least Rs 50 lakh annually in their coffers.

“Thousands come to Nicco Park, Nalban and Banabitan in winter. We are planning to impose a fee of Rs 2 per person and around Rs 50 per vehicle,” said Tapan Talukdar, chairman-in-council of the municipality.

Park officials have not yet decided whether to pass on the burden to the visitors by raising entry fees to pay the civic body. The gate ticket prices at Nicco Park, Nalban and Banabitan are Rs 50, Rs 15 and Rs 10, respectively.

In another major decision, the civic body will also charge parking fees from all heavy vehicles. “For all private buses, except long-distance ones, a terminus fee of Rs 6 per hour has been fixed. For trucks and other goods vehicles, the fee will be Rs 5 per hour,” Talukdar added.

There are three bus terminuses in Salt Lake — at Karunamoyee, and in GD and AJ blocks. For private chartered buses and school buses, which are parked in the township for more than six hours, the parking fee will be Rs 50. There are more than 50 such buses in Salt Lake.

For buses and other heavy vehicles which are parked at night, the fee will be Rs 50 per day or Rs 1,000 per month and for other four-wheelers, the fee will be Rs 30 per night or Rs 500 per month.

“Night parking will be allowed only in zones fixed by the municipality,” asserted Ashim Guha, the municipality’s transport committee convener.

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