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Earthen beauty

Transition from a budding career in commercial communications to the sterile and inarticulate world of earth and clay may seem aeons away, but for young Aditi Saraogi, the latter seemed a more soul-fulfilling occupation and hence she abandoned a promising career and took up clay modelling. Saraogi undertook a rigorous training under such greats as Mansimaran Singh of Andretta Potteries and the Delhi Blue Pottery Trust, founded by Sardar Gurcharan Singh, India’s first studio potter and founder of this unique art and the trust. Saraogi says, pottery “enhances and encourages creativity, while also teaching discipline, as it is a form of meditation .... to me it is a process of discovery, through the earthy medium of clay. It allows me complete freedom of movement and thought, and innate element of surprise in ceramics makes it both mystical and exciting.” Combining art and sculpture, Saraogi creates functional pieces such as lamp bases, lights, uplighters, vases, bowls, platters, etc. The works are thus aesthetic while being utilitarian. Through her work, she tries to bring together the functional aspects of pottery and the artistic side of sculpture.

When: Till December 6; 10 am - 6 pm

Where: Saraogi Park, 7 Lower Rawdon Street

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