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All for family, nothing for faith

London, Nov. 30: George Harrison has left his £99 million estate to his wife Olivia and then to his 25-year-old son Dhani.

There was nothing in his will, which was made public yesterday, for Hare Krishnas. At the time of his death from cancer a year ago, it was rumoured that he had bequeathed £20 million to the faith he embraced in the 1960s.

Harrison’s 71-year-old sister Louise, with whom he fell out five years ago because she opened a bed-and-breakfast in Illinois called Hard Day’s Nite, also did not figure in the will, though the two were said to have reconciled shortly before his death in Los Angeles.

During his life, Harrison was known to have been a generous donor to the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and even donated a 23-acre site near London to the group.

He was cremated in a cardboard coffin in accordance with the faith but his ashes were not scattered in the Ganga as reports at the time suggested they would be. Thousands of followers, Beatles fans and members of the media waited in vain on the banks of the river for two weeks after his death.

All the guitarist’s money — at £98,916,464 net, less than half the amount that “experts” predicted — was left in trust in the will he made four months before his death.

In an NBC interview this week, his wife of 23 years said her husband had accepted the fact that he was dying of cancer. “He gave his life to God a long time ago. He wasn’t trying to hang on to anything. He was fine with it,” she said.

“George dedicated a lot of his life to obtain a good ending and I don’t have any doubt that he was successful.”

By leaving the estate in trust, his family avoids paying inheritance tax of almost £40 million. In his will, Harrison gave his address as Montagnola, Switzerland, where he had a villa, but declared that he was a “British citizen” subject to “English law”.

Harrison, who also had a £15 million mansion near Henley, gave his trustees power to make any investments they wanted and transfer capital from the trust to Olivia, 54, or Dhani in circumstances where “they shall think fit”.

The three trustees named in his will are thought to be his solicitor and professional friends.

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