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Land and air assault on Israeli tourists in Kenya
Suicide bombers blew up a hotel in Kenya today, killing 15 people, minutes after missiles narrowly missed an Israeli airliner taking off nearby, in apparently synchronised attacks on Israeli tourists. ...  | Read.. 
Gunmen open fire in north Israel, two killed
Suspected Palestinian gunmen opened fire near a bus terminal and a polling station during Israel’s Likud party leadership primary today, killing at least two people and wound ...  | Read.. 
Inspectors comb Iraq lab
UN experts inspected an animal vaccine production lab and an active munitions factory near Baghdad today, the second day of a hunt for suspected weapons of mass destruction i ...  | Read.. 
Australian nurseries ban Santa
Several Australian kindergartens have banned Santa Claus this Christmas for fear that he may offend minority groups, the Herald-Sun newspaper said today. ...  | Read.. 
Spaniard Lola Alcocer, Miss Seville 2001, announces her participation as Spain’s representative in the Miss World contest in London. Alcocer had refu ...  | Read
Secret of longevity lies in an enzyme
As Americans feasted on plates of Thanksgiving turkey today, US scientists reported they have made ..  | Read.. 
Clintons see Chelsea’s digs during Oxford tour
Bill and Hillary Clinton put aside the cares of public life yesterday for a tour round Oxford w..  | Read.. 
Ignore fatwa, Nigeria body urges Muslims
Nigeria’s supreme Islamic body said today Muslims should ig ...  | Read.. 

Jolted Jamali woos hawks for survival
Pakistan’s main pro-military party scrambled to save its fr ...  | Read.. 

Scribes grilled in Dhaka
Bangladesh police yesterday interrogated two detained forei ...  | Read..