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Ian Chappell blames it all on Don Bradman

Sydney: Former Australian cricket captain Ian Chappell says Sir Donald Bradmanís unwillingness to pay players better and improve conditions was a major factor behind the world series cricket rebellion.

Chappell said on Wednesday that the late Bradmanís tightness with the Australian Cricket Boardís (ACB) money helped create problems that led to starting the breakaway series.

Chappell was coaxed out of retirement to lead Australian businessman Kerry Packerís rebel cricket series from 1977 to 1979 as Packer sought to gain exclusive international coverage for his nine television network. Packer signed 55 players from all Test nations for the world series format.

ďBradman to me has as much to do with the starting of world series cricket as anybody because I got the feeling Bradman treated the Board money as though it was almost his own money,Ē Chappell says in a TV documentary.

Chappell said that although Bradman was no longer chairman of the Australian board, he dominated two Board meetings that Chappell attended to lobby for better conditions for cricketers. At the time the ACB had gate receipts of up to A$ 250,000 per Test while players received only A$ 20 each, Chappell said.

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