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Mix caution with aggression
On a turning track pitch 9-12 inches outside the off stump... on a good batting strip you got to get closer

I am an off spinner. I would like to know the ideal spot to pitch the ball for maximum turn.

(Nazrul Ahmed, 18, Guwahati-20)

Depends on the kind of wicket you are bowling on. If itís a turning pitch then pitch about 9-12 inches outside the off stump. If itís a good batting strip then you got to get closer to the off stump.

I am a righthanded batsman and face problems with the sweep shot. Please help.

(Sohag Kr Patra, 11, Calcutta-108)

Pick the right length and line and you must get your front foot in the right position.

While driving on the off side to an overpitched delivery, I often end up giving catches to mid on or the slip cordon. Why does this happen'

(Abhijit Pal, 16, Agartala)

You are playing across the line and not getting close to the pitch of the ball.

I am a righthanded batsman. I always try to hit each and every ball and have been quite successful. But my coach has asked me to play little more defensively. Whenever I try to go by my coachís advice, I get dismissed quickly. What should I do'

(Pallav Popli, 18, Sahibganj, Jharkhand)

Your coach is right. You must always mix caution with aggression. Donít get over-confident.

I am a righthanded batsman. I often fail to negotiate the bounce of the ball while attempting the square cut. Please help.

(Shubham Chakraborty, 19, Agartala)

You must pick the right length. Also, you must get back and across.

I am a righthanded batsman. Whenever I tend to drive the spinners I get bowled. Why does this happen'

(Raghavan Srinivasan, 13, Calcuuta-26)

Again you are not getting close to the pitch of the ball, therefore, leaving a gap between bat and pad.

I am an opening batsman. I often face problems against the short-pitched balls, resulting in my dismissal in an ugly manner. Please advise.

(Asif Mehboob, 15, Guwahati-14)

Watch the ball closely and use the depth of the crease when playing back.

I am a mediumpacer and wish to increase my pace. Please advise.

(Rajiv Roy, 14, Calcutta-14)

Work on your rhythm and action.

I am a left-arm spinner. How does one bowl the armer'

(Sumit Dutta, 15, Calcutta-10)

Slight change in action and use the forefinger to push ball through a little quicker.

I often fail to negotiate the high catches in the deep. What should be the right way to take such catches'

(Subir Saha, 15, Calcutta-48)

Watch the ball all the way and make sure you get your hands in the right position.

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