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Pak hawks in border areas reject US help
The hardline Islamic bloc set to govern the strategic Pakistani province bordering Afghanistan said today local authorities did not need US support to hunt down al Qaida and Taliban operatives. ...  | Read.. 
Inspectors land on mission Iraq
United Nations weapons inspectors landed in Iraq today to begin a crucial mission which could tip the balance between peace and war in West Asia. ...  | Read.. 
World on brink of an elderly crisis
The world stands on the brink of a crisis with old people likely to outnumber the young sooner than anyone thinks, fewer babies born and pension costs soaring as economies sl ...  | Read.. 
A tough strain of rice
Scientists said today they had genetically engineered rice to withstand drought, salt water and cold temperatures by borrowing a gene from the E. coli bacteria. ...  | Read.. 
George Clooney at the premiere of his new film Solaris in Los Angeles. Clooney said that his role in Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris is his ...  | Read
Cannon horror
Lazy killer
Panda ware
Churchill romps home as Greatest Briton
Winston Churchill won the BBC Great Britons poll last night after a late surge of voting in his fav..  | Read.. 
Suddenly, Crichton thought he would die
Two months ago, Michael Crichton thought he was going to die. In the middle of the night, he woke to..  | Read.. 
Americans fear being used as guinea pigs
Up to 80 per cent of US Blacks and 52 per cent of Whites be ...  | Read.. 

Don’t play games with UN, Blair warns Iraq
British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned President Saddam H ...  | Read.. 

Feminists in bloody Miss World warning
Enraged feminists today called for the cancellation of the ...  | Read..