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Trauma care call for riot victims

New Delhi, Nov. 22: A parliamentary committee that visited parts of riot-hit Gujarat has expressed serious concern over the trauma that women victims suffered and has recommended sustained counselling by trained professionals.

The committee in its report said all cases of sexual harassment should be properly investigated and a follow-up report should be sent to it. It also expressed concern over the circulation of hate literature.

Pointing out that most women in Gujarat, who have either seen or experienced violence during the post- Godhra carnage, are still to recover from the trauma and continue to feel insecure, the panel said in its report titled Violence Against Women During Riots.

The parliamentary committee said it has “noted with regret that no efforts have been made to confiscate the hate literature that has been widely circulated in the state or to identify those responsible for its preparation, printing and circulation”.

The committee said it hopes the law enforcement machinery will act effectively in this regard.

The report also demanded speedy implementation of recommendations by the National Human Rights Commission and other citizens’ groups like establishment of special courts and an impartial inquiry by an outside agency into the acts of violence, especially against women, during the riots so that people’s faith in police and government machinery is restored.

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