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Suicide squad test for Mufti touch
A suicide squad in police uniform fought its way into a security camp in the heart of Srinagar today and killed six CRPF jawans, dealing a blow to Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s healing-touch policy. ...  | Read.. 
Ban on use of Ashok Chakra
Delhi High Court today banned the use of the national symbol, Ashok Chakra, in the hologram of any private company as it amounted to violation of law. ...  | Read.. 
PWG apologises for bus blast blunder
The People’s War Group has publicly apologised for Monday’s bus explosion in Warangal district that killed 14 people. ...  | Read.. 
Mufti caught in power debt trap
Jammu and Kashmir is desperately working to stay out of the debt trap in which it is about to plunge. ...  | Read.. 
Delhi buys time on Hurriyat
The move by some militant groups in Kashmir to cut the Hurriyat Conference to size has pleased the Centre, but the Vajpayee government is wary of reading too much into th ...  | Read.. 
Kashmiri women watch a rally by Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chief Yasin Malik in Kulgam, 70 km from Srinagar, on Friday. (AFP)
December date for PM house hearing
Probe plea into Osho activities
Traffic police ban on pandals
3 shot dead
8-year-old caught in cross-border custody war
A bewildered look flits across the eight-year-old’s face when he is asked his father’s name. He lap..  | Read.. 
Laloo shines in iftar limelight
The Islamic clergy may have expressed its reservations about lavish iftars and Sonia Gandhi may..  | Read.. 
Sinha in AIDS fight
Though the Andhra Pradesh chief minister’s condom show ...  | Read.. 

Al Qaida heat scalds hawala
Along with al Qaida, hawala is now under international ...  | Read.. 

‘Victorious’ Vaiko won’t stand down
Vaiko today stood up on his tired legs for the right to sit ...  | Read.. 

US charity feeds hatred: Report
India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF), a US-based ch ...  | Read.. 

Advani, Buddha bond on Bangla terror
The CPM central committee agrees with Union home minist ...  | Read.. 

Delhi puts no bar on Lanka aid
Although India has refused to send a high-level team to ...  | Read.. 

Tape twist to Nagappa crisis
Forest brigand Veerappan has despatched his fifth casse ...  | Read.. 

PWG hand in temple blast
Deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani held a high-level mee ...  | Read.. 

CPM walks Citu tightrope
The CPM leadership is walking a tightrope while updatin ...  | Read.. 

Films nudge trailing channels
Are new movies saving the day for the entertainment cha ...  | Read.. 

Trauma care call for riot victims
A parliamentary committee that visited parts of riot-hi ...  | Read.. 

Tehelka panel at receiving end
The Tehelka exposé once again rocked Parliament with the Op ...  | Read.. 

Consultants propose marriage of telecom twins
Consultants appointed by the government have suggested ...  | Read.. 

Fault in House, not occupants
...  | Read.. 

Teens arrested for medico rape
A chilling touch was added to Delhi’s record as the cri ...  | Read..