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Iraq summer strike signal
The US could fight Iraq in the summer, especially in the cool of the night, if Iraqi President Saddam Hussein waits until the winter passes and then obstructs UN weapons inspections, US secretary of state Colin Powell said today. ...  | Read.. 
Police break up Iran rally
Iranian riot police fired tear gas and beat several people with batons today as a memorial service for a murdered intellectual became the latest focal point of the largest pr ...  | Read.. 
Pak parties warn Musharraf
Pakistan?s political parties have warned the military regime that attempts to tinker with the constitution by incorporating amendments to empower President Pervez Musharraf ...  | Read.. 
Plan to kill Afghan leader foiled
Afghan authorities said they had averted an assassination attempt on the defence minister today, arresting two Arabs carrying explosives and apparently planning a suicide bom ...  | Read.. 
Halle Berry (left) and Michael Jackson pose with their German Bambi entertainment awards in Berlin. (AFP)
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Spain sends submarine to see if tanker is leaking oil
Spain said today it had sent a submarine to the site of the sunken tanker Prestige to find o..  | Read.. 
Chador charger faces a query: what about Father Christmas'
An Australian politician?s call to ban Muslim women from wearing a traditional head-to-knee gown in..  | Read.. 
Israel troops sweep into Bethlehem
Israeli forces took over Bethlehem today after a Palestinia ...  | Read.. 

Many sleep in open after tremors follow quake
Thousands slept in the open in bitterly cold conditions ove ...  | Read.. 

Cannabis increases depression
Smoking cannabis increases the odds of suffering from depre ...  | Read.. 

Surprise prize for Blair
Tony Blair was named Parliamentarian of the Year by ...  | Read.. 

Dogs? origin traced to Asia
From chihuahuas to Saint Bernards, all modern dogs originat ...  | Read.. 

Ask PLAIN for plainspeak tips
In their dark suits and sensible shoes, they looked like ty ...  | Read.. 

MTV to use Mandela to send AIDS message
The MTV pop channel is using its global reach, the sparkle ...  | Read..