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Dynamic lyricism

Shahabuddin is one of the 50 Master Painters of Contemporary Arts, an honour bestowed on him at the Olympiad of the Arts, Barcelona. But that says very little about the artist and his works. Shahabuddin is a Paris-based Bangladeshi artist whose works reflect contemporary life and times. A commander in the Bangladesh Mukti juddha (liberation war), this sensitive artist has witnessed the various facets of life and death from very close quarters. An optimist to the core, Shahabuddin’s relentless quest for an indestructible force and the undercurrent of his deep philosophy are reflected in the kinematics of his paintings where beauty is inherent in motion. His baroque-like figures facing the vast, impenetrable space seeking light and energy as it were, are a strange mixture of Western influence rooted to his origin. He emerges as an international painter with an unmistakable individuality. The figures of sportsmen in motion, often their flesh and blood bursting free of the outer skin (the dermis), are recurrent in his works. All his compositions are musical and rhythmic. The dynamism in his paintings depicts problems and suggests solutions. His recent works, titled India Revisited, are currently on view.

When: Till November 24; 4 pm - 8 pm

Where: Birla Academy of Art & Culture

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