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Goon strikeback at vigilantes

Driven out of his locality in Ekbalpore for his drug dealings, 28-year-old Md Firoz returned to the area early on Monday, along with a gang of a dozen goons. They fired bullets and rained bombs on members of a vigilante group who had once helped the local police identify him.

Altogether, 15 residents received bullet and splinter injuries, including one who had his left hand blown off. After a half-hour operation, all the gangsters left the place. No arrest has been made yet.

Four constables led by a sub-inspector from Ekbalpore police station reached the area half-an-hour after the goons had fled. Irked by the “police inaction”, residents greeted the posse with brickbats. The outnumbered policemen were forced to retreat.

The mob then blocked Diamond Harbour Road, demanding the arrest of all the culprits. A large police contingent, led by deputy commissioner (port division) H.P. Singh, had to pacify the agitators.

Sivaji Ghosh, deputy commissioner (headquarters), said the incident occurred around 7.30 am. “Firoz, better known as Sanjaiya, was driven out of his Mayurbhanj Road locality by neighbours eight months ago. This time, he returned to take revenge against those who had forced him to end his drug dealings and leave the area. On Monday, he threw bombs on seven houses where those who identified him live,” Ghosh said.

Witness Parvez said: “I was standing in front of my house. Suddenly, I saw a Tata Sumo and a taxi screech to a halt and the gangsters step out on Mayurbhanj Road. They were armed with revolvers, pipeguns and bombs. As soon as they saw me, they started hurling bombs at my house. I suffered splinter injuries on my legs and hands.”

Mohammed Tarik had his left arm blown off while another youth, Wahid, received a head injury when the miscreants hit him with a revolver butt.

Nasir Ahmed’s house was stormed. He was dragged out and shot on the leg, while his mother and sisters were injured.

An official of Ekbalpore police station said: “The local people had formed a vigilante group to patrol the area at night. They ransacked Firoz’s drug hideouts and helped the local police round up his associates. But on Monday, Firoz and his men had their revenge.”

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